John Mayer? is he the next Stevie Ray Vaughn?

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  • John Mayer? is he the next Stevie Ray Vaughn?


Answer #1 | 06/05 2009 20:02
SRV is his main influence. But no one can be called the next SRV. John Mayer will probably be the one and only John Mayer. He's awesome.
Answer #2 | 07/05 2009 09:51
Well no comparison in guitar playing but I do hear a similarity of their voices good question bro.
Answer #3 | 06/05 2009 22:04
SRV is one of the 3 greatest of all time....John Mayer is almost an ok guitarist... there is no comparison and anyone who thinks that Mayer is the next SRV is a moron....with no knowledge of music.
Answer #4 | 07/05 2009 10:51
No. Actually, the reason I'm not a big fan of John Mayer is because of the fact that he tends to rip SRV off a lot. If I were to compare any living guitarist to SRV, it'd be Chicago-based bluesman Melvin Taylor, who actually has a great cover of "Texas Flood." Of course, SRV's playing and Taylor's playing are still quite different.
Answer #5 | 07/05 2009 14:23
Answer #6 | 07/05 2009 20:11
NONONO - John Mayers awsome but no one plays the upbeat style like srv Theres a difference between Mayers structured playing and SRV's playing from the heart
Answer #7 | 07/05 2009 15:47
absolutely not! there will only ever be one stevie! dont get me wrong, johns ok but stevie is wayyyy better!

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