job for a 13 year old sydney?

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  • job for a 13 year old sydney?


Answer #1 | 30/09 2013 04:18
Try going into the High end Markets of making way over priced boomerangs and Didgeridoo's if heaving a boomerang at a kangaroo doesn't do him in , the sound of the didgeridoo will at least make him dizzy, so's you can sneak up on him and club him over the head to make dinner,
Answer #2 | 30/09 2013 16:14
While there is no minimum working age in NSW, most shops will not employ kids until thy are 14. However you can put in job applications and, with Christmas coming up, your chances of getting a part-time job are good. Go to department stores near you such as Target, KMart, and BigW, and the supermarkets, Coles, Woolworths, IGA. Ask for job application forms at the customer service desk, or have a look at the Careers section of the store websites. You could also ask around the smaller local shops. But try to avoid fast-food places like Maccas as the shifts and pay are not good.

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