Jane or Jenny for baby name?

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  • Jane or Jenny for baby name?


Answer #1 | 13/09 2014 15:59
Jane Marie.
Positive: 63.636363636364 %
Answer #2 | 13/09 2014 20:02
Positive: 62.5 %
Answer #3 | 13/09 2014 16:04
I like jane... jade is nice too
Positive: 60 %
Answer #4 | 13/09 2014 15:58
Positive: 60 %
Answer #5 | 13/09 2014 16:17
I love Jane
Positive: 60 %
Answer #6 | 13/09 2014 16:51
Jenny is nice ...
Positive: 60 %
Answer #7 | 13/09 2014 16:23
Name her Jennifer so that you can call her Jenny when she's young but she can go with her full name when she grows up.
Positive: 54.545454545455 %
Answer #8 | 13/09 2014 17:21
To me Jane is sweeter then Jenny.
Positive: 54.545454545455 %
Answer #9 | 13/09 2014 16:52
I like Jenny better
Positive: 54.545454545455 %
Answer #10 | 13/09 2014 15:59
Positive: 54.545454545455 %
Answer #11 | 13/09 2014 20:01
Jane for baby name.
Positive: 54.545454545455 %
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Anonymous18187 | 22/06 2019 10:25
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Positive: 57.142857142857 %
Answer #14 | 13/09 2014 16:01
Positive: 50 %
Answer #15 | 13/09 2014 16:23
Positive: 50 %
Answer #16 | 13/09 2014 16:15
I love the name jade you should pick jade or joanna
Positive: 50 %
Anonymous425552 | 28/06 2019 03:38
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Answer #18 | 13/09 2014 16:44
I guess I disagree with the majority, I like Jenny.
Positive: 45.454545454545 %
Anonymous969500 | 10/08 2019 22:28
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Positive: 50 %
Answer #20 | 13/09 2014 16:15
Positive: 44.444444444444 %
Anonymous387834 | 29/10 2019 13:58
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Anonymous598873 | 24/10 2019 03:01
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