is white meat better for you than red meat ?

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  • is white meat better for you than red meat ?


Answer #1 | 14/10 2007 04:17
yes..white meat is more healthier than red meat..because red meat e,g. beef, lamb, pork are containing more saturated fat than white meat e.g. chicken, fish, shrimp....
Answer #2 | 14/10 2007 05:27
yes,of course...white meat has less of fat content n more of protein on the other hand red meat has more fat in it.... so njoy ur meal with white meat
Answer #3 | 14/10 2007 07:22
The answer to this question would really be no. It really all depends on how you prepare the meat. Anything fried can be unhealthy for any person. Any meat that is cooked, baked or broiled is usually a lot healthier. So, it is really all a matter of opinion...there is no scientific proof that one is healthier than the other. There are many articles saying one is better, etc. Read for yourself and be the judge. "Chicken and fish traditionally have been considered healthier than red meat because many cuts of red meat can have too much saturated fat," says Peter O. Kwiterovich, M.D., director of The Johns Hopkins University Lipid Clinic. "Now, lean cuts of red meat are readily available to consumers. If you follow a heart-healthy diet, it doesn't make a difference whether you eat red meat or white meat, as long as you choose lean cuts."
Answer #4 | 15/10 2007 05:16
Yeah, but I can't remember why exactly.
Answer #5 | 19/10 2007 13:35

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