Is tipping a waitress because of her looks bad?

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  • Is tipping a waitress because of her looks bad?


Answer #1 | 23/03 2011 20:55
Not really
Answer #2 | 23/03 2011 20:56
LOL! No...but is that bcuz she was pretty or cuz she was ugly and u felt bad? Haha I bet she liked u.
Answer #3 | 23/03 2011 20:56
Well . . it's not bad, but it is rather pointless. A waitress gets tipped for services rendered . . but if those services are accented with her showing her cleavage up close and personal . . well . . I guess that has it's merits
Answer #4 | 23/03 2011 20:57
If she looks bad and you tip her bad? Yes. If she looks good and you tip her good? Nah not at all. She doesn't know why xD
Answer #5 | 23/03 2011 21:00
No. BUT you need to tip waitresses anyways. I am a waitress and I make $2 an hour. The tips are our paycheck. You CAN give EXTRA money of their looks though ;)
Answer #6 | 24/03 2011 09:13
why... (. Y .) what ever do y'all mean?
Answer #7 | 23/03 2011 21:35
Not so much as undertipping a waitress because she's less attractive.
Answer #8 | 23/03 2011 21:32
not at all, you are tipping on how you felt the service was, and how well you liked your server. You want to always leave a good tip as servers paychecks are their tips. If you liked your server because she looked good then there is nothing wrong with tipping her for that. its like tipping her for making a good drink.

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