Is this gemstone recommendation for me correct? -Vedic?

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  • Is this gemstone recommendation for me correct? -Vedic?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 22:57
Can i ask u a ques..... how many fingers u have in ur hand...? so many stones are recommended to you...great. but 1 basic rule is that u can't wear sun and saturn gemstone at same time and on same hand or on same person...b'coz they are enemy to each will put bad effect on u....
Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 03:01
You may wear any gemstone but the stone/s, as such, will not make any difference to your life and destiny. A piece of stone, howsoever valuable in terms of money, cannot change your life and destiny which is the effect of your Karma, past and present. People who say about taking an umbrella against rain for protection forget that your karma-phal had already taken care of that. If a stone or talisman could improve your career, your abilities, your efficiency or get you what you do not deserve in the normal course of your life, then anybody, who can afford the required stone would get whatever he wants, good health, wealth, happiness, brilliant results in exams, high positions in life, a beautiful and dutiful loving wife and what not just by wearing the required gemstone etc. All Indian sportsmen could get gold medals in Olympics, a shopkeeper the ownership of a big industrial house etc. If you think logically, you will find that it is illogical and cannot happen. In fact it is a ploy by the jewelers to increase their sales and earn more profit. This is the reason that all such stores employ astrologers and cater astrological services to the public at their premises. So please do not waste your time, money and energy on such illusory ideas. It is better to have faith on your own self and on God.

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