Is This A Good Idea? (ninjutsu)?

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  • Is This A Good Idea? (ninjutsu)?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 19:37
Without exaggerating I'm pretty certain that most ninjutsu schools out there are pure $hit. They simple are. You will of course say that you are at a good place but trust me you are not. Ninjutsu as you imagine it does not exist anymore. No one is going to teach you a martial arts for free and you can not just go to another country like that. Japan is one of the most expensive countries on the planet. I know you imagine staying at this zen like village with this old and vise grandmaster who has strange but yet effective ways to teaching. Right? Sorry, kid. The world doesn't work like that. Ninjutsu is not real anymore. You need money and you have visa issues. So forget this dream.

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