Is there a limit on octane?

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  • Is there a limit on octane?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 17:25
Practically, race fuel and aviation fuel can go up to 130 Octane, and leaded at the pumps used to go to 101, at least in the UK. Octane ratings dropped with the introduction of lead-free, as the tetra-ethyl lead additive both raised the octane rating and acted as an upper-cylinder lubricant (hence New engines / lead free conversions need hardened valve.seats) - octane rating.doesn' itself increase power, but.higher ratings mean that the fuel's less likely to 'pre ignite' due to compression and this allows higher compression ratios, increasing the effective pressure during the power stroke, increasing the torque and hence power from the engine. You can buy (lead free) octane booster in performance part shops etc., if you need it. - Perhaps for a race car/bike or a vintage Ferrari :-) Oh, lead also kills catalytic converters, another reason it's outlawed in road (but not race or aviation) fuel.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 17:24
99.99% of the cars on the road don't need anything higher than 92. The limit therefore would be based on supply and demand, or practicality.
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