is there a bylaw about parking a burgervan near homes?

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  • is there a bylaw about parking a burgervan near homes?


Answer #1 | 06/02 2014 05:53
No. Why would there be. If the van is taxed, mot'd and insured it may park anywhere. Near homes is no barrier.
Answer #2 | 06/02 2014 02:25
the council have very strict rules about this sort of thing look into it before deciding on a busuiness
Answer #3 | 06/02 2014 02:46
By-laws are made by your local council - so in your area there may be a one, or there may not be one. Check with your local council - they will almost certainly have a licensing system, and they may restrict vans to certain areas, or to certain times. We can't give you a clearer answer - because it does depend on where you plan to work.
Answer #4 | 06/02 2014 00:50
Is it selling burgers or just parked up, if it is selling burghers then inform the council. If it is just parked up, no.
Answer #5 | 06/02 2014 00:51
There is the UK. You are only allowed to trade where your Council says you can. You will be issued with a permit and that won't be in a residential area. UK
Answer #6 | 06/02 2014 01:22
Probably. Ask your local council.
Answer #7 | 06/02 2014 01:14
A bye-law is a local 'law' so the only way you can find out is to enquire at the local authority. Some estates do have bye-laws against any type of works van being parked up in its environ. If you are talking about parking up to sell then their is most definitely firm rules about that and you need to pay for a license (if you can even get one) and stick to the exact route and parking places the license allows which is decided by the local authority.
Answer #8 | 06/02 2014 00:52
If there is, that would be a local rule. You need to ask local government. Don't expect the first couple people you talk to to know.

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