Is the weather the same in these 2 countries?

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  • Is the weather the same in these 2 countries?


Answer #1 | 23/07 2014 12:11
Yes, no, maybe. Update: There are many factors that affect weather not just the temperature so no.
Answer #2 | 23/07 2014 17:18
Excellent question! At first, one would say that 20 C is 20 C whatever the place on earth. And it is ... with a small side note. How much moisture the air can contain is relative to the temperature. For example, a cubic meter of air at 0 C is saturated with 5 grams of water. At 15 C, it is up to 13 grams. In both cases, when it happens, the relative humidity is 100 percent as the air is at dew point temperature. Now, In Iceland, the air is polar; dry and cold. In Egypt, the air is sub-tropical, dry and warm. In fact, Egypt is between the so-called, Hadley and Ferrel circulations, where the Inter-Tropical Convection Zone air sinks down. To reach 20 C, Iceland needs a long stationary high pressure, pretty much what we have now here, in Norway, where temperatures are reaching 32 C! But 20 C in Egypt is ... a nice winter day. Hence it can be much more moist than in Iceland and the weather may be more hazy that in Iceland. Because, up north, a high pressure is air that sinks and warms up by adiabatic effect and that dries up the air, resulting in a low relative humidity and very good visibility. Here is the difference between Norway and Spain (I lived in both countries) The visibility is much better up north because the relative humidity is low.

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