Is the water safe to drink in Galway city ?

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  • Is the water safe to drink in Galway city ?


Answer #1 | 11/08 2007 10:27
wheres that?
Answer #2 | 11/08 2007 10:30
No it is not it need to be boiled for everything drop you put into your mouth. I managed to survive there before they discovered the water was polluted with human excrements and chemical by drinking only Guinness. I urge you to do the same..
Answer #3 | 11/08 2007 10:30
drink it yes
Answer #4 | 11/08 2007 10:29
Water is fine to drink in Ireland and the rest of the British Isles. Our tapwater is strictly controlled.
Answer #5 | 11/08 2007 10:30
There was a scare during the last few months concerning the drinking water in Galway. Personally I would drink it, but in moderation.
Answer #6 | 11/08 2007 10:34
only if it is in the UK and so has proper quality controls
Answer #7 | 12/08 2007 13:27
yeah it is but guiness is alot better!!!!! :-)
Answer #8 | 11/08 2007 21:22
no my friends in galway say that the official word is that for the next FEW MONTHS, any tap water should be boiled before consumption, or obviously you could stick to bottled.
Answer #9 | 11/08 2007 21:13
no dont drink it. the water wont be safe there for another two /three years. the council are building a whole new water system there so it looks like its bottled water for a while.
Answer #10 | 11/08 2007 12:10
ONLY if you want to stay sober?

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