Is the razer blade pro worth it?

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  • Is the razer blade pro worth it?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 05:19
there is no better. the question is will there be better as small for 2k14? do your research if there is not and money is no problem then go for it. in my opinion gaming laptop shouldnt be a thing in the first place only if you are stuck in college or work which kills the point of chilling
Answer #2 | 24/12 2013 15:18
the only one who can decide it's "worth it", is you. :) i recently got a new gaming laptop. the Blade Pro was on my list, but didn't make the final cut -- the specs are on par with a mid-range Alienware, with the price of a high-end Alienware. i decided that specs trumped all, for me. so long story short, now i have a new high-end Alienware that weighs a ton and barely fits into my ThinkGeek "Bag of Holding" (obviously, ultra-portability wasn't one of my priorities). and lots and lots of people will say it isn't worth it. so who cares? get what's right for YOU. :) anyway ... here's a cheaper, but still slick, alternative: not as portable as a Blade, but far more portable than an Alienware. other options are Asus, or Lenovo. just look at everything, and decide what's most important to you -- stats, price, size, or something else. good luck! :)

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