is the dangerous? uh help. diet?

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  • is the dangerous? uh help. diet?


Answer #1 | 19/09 2008 16:38
what was wrong with 121? its ok to try and be more healthy, just be careful that you dont go nuts, society has issues today with making girls feel fat when they are not.. dont fall in to that trap.. live healthy but sensibly..
Answer #2 | 20/09 2008 13:22
If your sure your getting everything you need to be healthy ok, but it sounds like 113lbs is really thin.
Answer #3 | 20/09 2008 20:53
your pretty tall to only weigh 113. Its not dangerous if you eat healthy and enough EVERY day. I used to starve myself and you dont lose any wieght that way and ive learned my lesson its terrible to your body.. (not that you are). But tell me what diet your on if you lost that much wieght so soon..i want to know!

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