Is surrealist artist Dark Riddle Segovia Amil's father?

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  • Is surrealist artist Dark Riddle Segovia Amil's father?


Anonymous207450 | 22/11 2017 23:10
They have the same intense looking eyes. Dark Riddle is a artist & auhtor. he is much older than Segovia Amil. There could be a relation. They have the same dark goth appeal appeal.
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Anonymous31775555 | 22/11 2017 23:35
Love Segovia Amil. the best poetess of modern times IMO.
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Anonymous207450 | 22/11 2017 23:33
Dark Riddle is the artist & author Jesus Morales Djuirc. He was a graffiti guy from the Chicago graffiti activist group called BTB crew. He got famous after he made his books In the Shadows of Men & Empire of Dirt. He works with models doing photography & he is also a concept artist for movies doing creature designs for TV and film. According to Naughty Dog inc he invented the "Clickers' fungus zombies from the video game the Last of US.
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Anonymous20184 | 19/11 2017 10:20
Some girls in my sorority think this to. EXD. Amil is a poet. Dark Riddle is an artist. ^^ He is old enuff to be her dad tho. ^^ Maybe its a Joe & Ellie thing. TLOU.
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Anonymous783666 | 19/05 2018 23:03
Love both of them. Both great artist & authors of dark themes and magic. no doubt they are related. Dark Riddle can be really funny though.
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