Is saying "Thanks Bro" to a customer, rude?

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  • Is saying "Thanks Bro" to a customer, rude?


Answer #1 | 25/07 2012 10:12
Yes it is rude. I would not want to be called Bro by someone I do not know. It is impertinent and can come across as insulting especially if the customer is older. Ask your staff to stop saying this.
Answer #2 | 25/07 2012 11:16
Its not what he should be saying since he is the one serving the food.
Answer #3 | 25/07 2012 12:21
If your the manager its your call....just talk to them n say its not the most professional...i dont see how if they say it to a friend it could hurt if they are being professional n not just goofy
Answer #4 | 25/07 2012 16:02
It's not exactly polite, but certainly not rude enough for a complaint. Don't waste your time on this.

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