Is Pope Francis still Peter the Roman?

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  • Is Pope Francis still Peter the Roman?


Answer #1 | 13/02 2014 04:20
Peter, a devout Jew, was commissioned Apostle to the Jews for which he was admirably qualified and suitably prepared. His role is even foreshadowed in the Old Testament. His writings strongly reflect that. So if Franny and his henchmen still want to maintain that obvious lie....well, they have strayed a long way from their commission!!!
Answer #2 | 13/02 2014 04:36
No, not unless he changed his name.
Answer #3 | 13/02 2014 07:34
lots of conspiracy: One says he was born in Rome and parents immigrated to Argentina. Some say, peter the roman will be the last pope. So, do we think Francis will be last pope. More conspiracy to come!!
Answer #4 | 13/02 2014 05:06
that prophecy isn't valid by the church
Answer #5 | 13/02 2014 04:54
No, Pope Francis is Jorge the Argentine.
Answer #6 | 13/02 2014 04:33
Peter was a Jew, but lived in Rome at the end of his life. according to the Roman catholic Church the pope is the successor of Peter the first leader of the Roman church.
Answer #7 | 13/02 2014 04:07
there's no peter the roman... jeez...
Answer #8 | 13/02 2014 04:20
...No ! (Any other questions I can answer for you today...?)
Answer #9 | 13/02 2014 04:17
Yes because the order he is from is nickname the black pope and that is part of the prophecy.
Answer #10 | 13/02 2014 04:30
i know neither

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