is osama binladin dead ?

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  • is osama binladin dead ?


Answer #1 | 24/09 2006 01:05
You can believe me, the man is dead. I've just read it in the newspaper and they never lie, right ? Honestly, I only believe it when his body has been found and identified. And even if he is really dead, they probably have a couple of hundred video messages of him ready to be sent into the world. Makes it kind of hard to notice that he died.
Answer #2 | 24/09 2006 01:09
no confirmations other than he is sick. even his cousin who is married to bin laden's sister hasn't heard that he's dead. but we can hope, right?
Answer #3 | 24/09 2006 01:09
Nah... we had some fish tacos at the beach just yesterday.
Answer #4 | 24/09 2006 01:11
Supposedly, there have been lots of reports of his death over the last few years. A doctor has come forth and stated that he was healthy when he saw Osama a few months ago. I think these reports of death are nothing more than wishful thinking. The odds are against us.
Answer #5 | 24/09 2006 01:12
no it's not true....the other day it came on some sort of a french newspaper.........but now the saudi arab officials have said that it is false
Answer #6 | 25/09 2006 11:47
I read in times of India that he died of Typhoid. GOOD to be true
Answer #7 | 24/09 2006 07:10
I think it has been reported that he has some sort of water virus, cave water isn't what it used to be!!! Anyway I wish they would let Dog Chapman go after him, I can just see Dog giving Binladin his usual pep talk in the back of his SUV while allowing him to smoke a cigarette.
Answer #8 | 24/09 2006 01:13
We can only hope....

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