Is my turkey sandwich safe to eat?

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  • Is my turkey sandwich safe to eat?


Answer #1 | 21/09 2013 10:49
in the fridge? absolutely. enjoy
Answer #2 | 21/09 2013 11:47
I would believe so. The refrigerator is a wonder piece of technology. It’s been helpful for ages. It should have kept your sandwich well preserved. Enjoy your meal!
Answer #3 | 21/09 2013 10:49
Well, you don't want to take any risks. But if you really wanna eat it, just smell it and make sure it's not rotten or anything :) Hope I helped :)
Answer #4 | 21/09 2013 12:26
You don't mention the amount of time that your sandwich remained at room temperature. High protein foods like turkey should be kept as cold as possible. It sounds as if you purchased the item to bring home and eat. As in it was not a leftover from dining out, that would have different rules. Use your best judgment to get the item into the refrigerator A.S.A.P. - if you live in Miami you don't have much time, if you live at the North Pole you will have a little more time for it to be outside. In addition I should mention, the sanitary conditions and handling of food at the restaurant prior to you receiving it are something you should ALWAYS consider when buying food. Also don't forget to wash your hands WELL before eating. Now YOU can be the judge regarding eating your sandwich (if you followed the rules you should be OK - SHOULD - remember many things happen to food before it gets to you so choose wisely)
Answer #5 | 21/09 2013 13:23
It's safe. The mayo won't taste fabulous (mayo never does when it's out of the jar for too long), but it's safe to eat.
Answer #6 | 24/09 2013 11:40
i think it may be safe,,,,,, turkey sandwich is very famous for a dining loving men,..........
Answer #7 | 22/09 2013 12:15
Answer #8 | 21/09 2013 20:59
It's safe to eat. If you aren't sure, then you can always check by smelling it or looking at it, but you should be good. Enjoy your sandwich! Smart thing by putting it in the fridge. :)

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