Is my tattoo supposed to peel?

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  • Is my tattoo supposed to peel?


Anonymous458154 | 18/07 2018 17:47
Peels help to escape from of all age changes dermatological cover. operations effective at any time, adapted for skin of any type. After non-traumatic exposure disappear minor wrinkles, skin turns out smooth, smooth. Adaptation – 3 days. deeper peeling effectively struggles wrinkles (expression, age, affects little pits, eliminates freckles. Adaptation – seven days. Profound peeling conducting in the beauty clinics. This is maximum effective operation, but requires long period regeneration – about one month. deep chemical peel before and after
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Answer #2 | 18/01 2014 15:20
Don't worry my brother has about two tattoos and it suppose to peel. you wash the tattoo with soap and water then put bepanthen on it and in about a week or two it will stop peeling. It peels because it in the recovery process. Hopes this helps
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Answer #3 | 18/01 2014 17:42
You don't need to go and ask your artist, unless it will make you feel better. Peeling is completely normal. And definitely don't pull it off. It will come off when it's ready. By pulling it, you could scar yourself or leave a small wound which would open you up to an infection or you could pull some colour off and damage your tattoo. I found my wrists were really peely. But I also used bepanthen. On my inner forearm, I scabbed and peeled a little, but I used afterink. It doesn't soak your tattoo like bepanthen does. I find bepanthen suffocating to my skin, but that's my opinion. It's what most tattoo artists recommend and it's been used in tattoo healing for decades. Also, skin in different parts of your body heal differently and at different rates. This is because of the thickness of your skin, the rate at which it sheds and the rate at which the skin cells renew, amongst other things. Also, different inks (either just a different colour or a completely different brand) can make your skin heal differently to other tattoos you have. The list goes on and on. So, now you have a bit more to go by for when or if you get more tattoos in the future. As for the one you have now. It's normal as normal gets. Sometimes if you peel a lot, you may need a touch up, and that is normal too. So, let your skin dry out a bit, maybe leave the bepanthen off for half a day and only apply it twice a day after that, at the most. I think you may be washing a little too often. Twice a day is all that's needed, unless you get it dirty or sweaty. Also, if your using a chemical-laden soap, change to a more natural brand. I use biologika. That helps the healing process. And if you wanna go all out, take some vitamin c and zinc to support your skins natural healing process. Hope my rambling answer helps you.
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Answer #4 | 18/01 2014 15:09
Stop washing it as this is drying it out. Use an oil like bio oil for a few days to soften the skin and let it come off naturally. You could lose some of the colour though.
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Answer #5 | 18/01 2014 15:09
If you can, go to the place you got it done and ask them
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