Is my poem any good? Sorry it's so long.?

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  • Is my poem any good? Sorry it's so long.?


Answer #1 | 01/05 2010 17:16
It's very good It sums up what a lot of teenagers can go through, similar to the one you showed us earlier. It is definitely not a big mess! I think it was very well structured and you used a god rhyming pattern. Is this poem about you? If so I hope you cheer up and realise that things will get better for you.
Answer #2 | 01/05 2010 20:03
I love it! And it's not a big mess at all. Some lines explain me perfectly. :]
Answer #3 | 02/05 2010 08:14
That's really good.... I think all people can relate and you worded it very well.
Answer #4 | 02/05 2010 13:14
I like it a lot o.o I might print that out and put that on the wall where I put poems and stuff I find. :)
Answer #5 | 02/05 2010 17:38
you just need to organize it but i thought it was really good. well written. do you think my work is any good?

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