Is my darkworld complete? Rate 1-10?

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  • Is my darkworld complete? Rate 1-10?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 13:47
This deck isn't bad as is, and I see you're running the Malefic Stardust protection variant, so you'll need a few more tuners to get it running. Here's a quick edit for what I suggest: Monsters: -2 Sillva (Yea, it *may* get you stardust, but you should really abuse fabled raven for more than 1 discard) +2 Fabled Raven +1 Beiige (Use fabled to discard 2, then beige becomes more useful and eliminates sillva's tribute requirements) Spells: -1 trade-in (this card only depletes the cards in your hand; searching power is better) +1 Dark Eruption (helps out fabled raven for getting Malefic Stardust) +1 MST (very useful against banish-style and continuous-card decks. Most people don't realize this card is necessary in Dark World. Kudos to you) Traps: -1 Compulsory -1 Mind Crush Extra: -1 Adreus -1 Tiras +1 Dark highlander (very useful against most equip-based decks) +1 Dark End Dragon (Gets rid of pesky monsters) Try this out for now. The stardust variant is dependent upon fabled raven having beige to abuse over and will win more duels, and be fun. Enjoy'
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