Is miss lawerence sick?

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  • Is miss lawerence sick?


Maya | 15/07 2014 13:40
She only hates Shannon because Shannon is the real deal she can only dream of being. Her blogs about her are sickening
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Latisha | 01/07 2014 15:29
Miss Latoya jus a sorry ol security guard at jc penny ha ha! Who she think she is da Good Lord only know. she think evry 1 is jealus of her but why who know? She jus a sorry ol bag o bones who got no life. She obsess wit evrybody who got wat she dont got an dats a good soul. Da Good Lord hav mercy on her soul amen. Time has come dat da truth finnaly come out!
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moma me | 15/12 2014 20:08
Welll, shes at it again! More blogs showing that she is the one who is trash, talking trash...and calling Jade a "n****r"? She is losing it!
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M.W. | 29/07 2014 19:18
Nobody actually takes her seriously do they? Its so obvious that she is bi-polar, ranting and raving one minute then all blissed out on herself the next. Shannon Lee Wolf has no worries, because shes a true caul bearer and she never brags on herself, she only cares about others.
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darlaG | 01/07 2014 15:20
all her blogs are talking sh** about this one and that one, plus I know shannon lee wolf and she is the nicest and most truthful person I've ever met. she would go out of her way for any caulbearer of the light and has helped me to grow spiritually with my caul. its all lies latoya tells. i agree that she is sick and is in serious need of help, i would suggest an exorcism to begin with. thank you for this question moma me.
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LoveHeart | 15/12 2014 20:21
I'm disturbed by her blog stating that she is entering the medical field - to take care of the elderly? This woman should not be taking care of defenseless people - she has serious mental illness and is a danger to society - wishing Shannon would just die?! And hoping her death threat would be carried out?! This is not a stable person, and I fear for anyone under her care!!
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moma me | 20/06 2014 18:53
yes she is very sick, and twisted
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LoveHeart | 15/07 2014 13:33
I agree with all of the answers above! Shannon Lee Wolf is a beautiful and loving soul and a real life caul bearer. Miss Lawrence is sick!! To say the lies she does about her! Shame on her!
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Anonymous75286 | 15/12 2014 20:15
miss L has really lost it, this time. she always says she couldn't care less about Shannon, but she can't let go, keeps the blogs coming. "Just For The Record/And Let This Be It!?/I’m Tired Of This Garbage" - if shes so tired of it, why does she keep doing it? how sad she is.
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