Is mangle fnaf2 a girl or a boy?

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  • Is mangle fnaf2 a girl or a boy?


GracieGirl | 17/02 2015 17:58
The Ladie's Night confirms that Mangle is a girl. Also look at Mangle before she/he was beat up. Mangle had long eyelashes, LOTS of pink, and LIPSTICK. (The phone guy probably called Mangle a he because when something doesn't actually have a gender you call it a he.
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NegaKuura | 11/02 2015 01:48
Technically, Mangle is a boy. Being an alternate version of Foxy, who is a boy, would make Mangle a boy as well. They could simply have a 'feminine'-based appearance simply to appear less threatening to children/patrons
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Chika chiken | 23/12 2014 04:50
She's as girl,although she's supposed to be foxy 2.0 she has PINK and EYELASHES durrrr. Also all the fan art I've seen looks as if very girly. Thx, Chika :>
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Anonymous516660 | 01/02 2018 00:55
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Anonymous90191 | 28/01 2015 04:42
Mangle is a boy:did you know that Scott wanted to make a difference between all of the robots mangle has red cheeks that means mangle is a HE ALSO pg Says that mangle is a HE...Did you see the difference...? All the boys have RED Cheeks All the girls have PINK Cheeks there's the answer.
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wolfy | 17/01 2015 22:42
I want mangle to be a girl but i think it's a boy
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Anonymous2830 | 01/02 2019 00:06
She is a boy because in ultimate custum nights she is described as a he
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Anonymous631343 | 05/07 2019 22:14
I think its a boy cus all boys cheaks are red and mangles's cheaks are red and she may have red and white boys can wear pinka and white and boys have eyelashes and lipstick can be on boys and foxy is a boy and verson of foxy theres meh proof :3
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Anonymous169638 | 18/06 2019 05:07
Mangle Girl Foxy boy
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Anonymous907792 | 16/07 2019 15:27
probably a girl but i have loads of questions about mangle, how does he/she have 2 heads? (mangle's normal head and the other endo head) where did it come from? is it a boy or a girl? (there is loads more but i dont wanna bore annybody with it since its a long list)
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Kb best | 28/04 2019 04:02
Maybe girl cuz I'm ultimate custom night she sounds like a girl even though we can hear a boy voice in the female voice, and she wears lipstick, and nail polish. Maybe she is both, but I mostly believe she's a girl.
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Anonymous760602 | 22/07 2019 20:05
Mangle is a girl because when foxy met her he liked him and it is great logic that if there is 2 foxes then there should be a girl and a boy and plus most of fnaf are boys so I would rather there be more then just chica.
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Anonymous683110 | 27/05 2019 23:34
I think it is a girl
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Anonymous899344 | 15/09 2019 19:20
Mangle could be either gender. Maybe they are non-binary. They are good reasons for Mangle to be either one.
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Anonymous937767 | 11/01 2020 21:56
Anonymous937767 | 11/01 2020 21:57

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