Is it true that we are the universe experiencing itself?

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  • Is it true that we are the universe experiencing itself?


Answer #1 | 08/02 2014 13:38
Well, we are a bit smaller and more insignificant than that, but yeah, probably, we are part of it.
Answer #2 | 08/02 2014 12:41
Yes, that's one way to look at it. We are a part of the universe and when we are experiencing the universe, the universe is experiencing itself.
Answer #3 | 08/02 2014 13:11
Yes I believe this to be true.To think that we are a mere bag of bones waiting for the dirt pile as some imply is to sell ourselves short of our true potential. As I see it we are in training to play a bigger role in the shaping of the universe. Very good question there Pocket Protecktor.
Answer #4 | 08/02 2014 12:54
Wow, I never thought of that but I think it is true.
Answer #5 | 08/02 2014 13:12
It is more like we are god experiencing itself.
Answer #6 | 08/02 2014 13:24
Not quite, for you are implying the observer is observing the observer. There is no "observer," no subject or agent behind the act. Nothing physical like the universe truly exists. We are but an observance observing the observance. This is self-awareness, like you are hinting at, yet there is no 'self.' Our perception is perceiving the very essence of perceiving. Think of it in terms of dreaming. We are not experiencing a dreamer, but rather the dream itself as it is being perceived. The idea of there being a self is an illusion caused by the very act. The Gospel of John sums it up rather nicely. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." There has always been awareness, and we are experiencing that awareness, yet we are that awareness.
Answer #7 | 08/02 2014 12:44
I am experiencing myself by rubbing lotion all over my body. In a parallel universe someone is doing the exact same thing.
Answer #8 | 08/02 2014 12:45
We are masters of our own universe and I am still waiting for my cup of coffee. :o)
Answer #9 | 08/02 2014 22:01
I just hope my beltline doesn't expand as fast...
Answer #10 | 08/02 2014 14:00
Not unless YOU and only YOU live on all planets now as one, since the universe is all planets and not just earth. Mike
Answer #11 | 08/02 2014 16:07
Absolutely! *__-
Answer #12 | 08/02 2014 15:28
If that's the case, then I am you and what I see is me. We are all each other.
Answer #13 | 08/02 2014 12:52
At first thought, I didn't think so, but what does anybody know? Everything we know from science is only to our comprehenshion. Fact could actually be fiction. Are we the universe or are we surrounded by the universe? If you look at what science says, the universe has many layers of complicated (yet simple) systems. You can peel the universe down to an actual human and find that it will have many systems all working together to make up one human. So that could mean that we are apart of the universe, therefore, could be experiencing ourselves. Like I wrote, I don't know for sure. I personally feel like the universe knows a lot more than I do, and is trying to teach me something!
Answer #14 | 09/02 2014 13:13
There is no proof that we are not software hosted in a huge computer. We could, in fact, be characters in a cosmic game.

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