Is it true that McDonalds charges you people money for condiments?

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  • Is it true that McDonalds charges you people money for condiments?


Answer #1 | 04/12 2008 22:22
It's true to a point.. They give you a certain amount of an item, such as one barbeque sauce per every 5 chicken nuggets. They have a sign on the window if you want another one, you must pay like 30 cents. They usually just give it to you free though if you ask at the last window when you get your food. They usually charge you for packets of salad dressing..but they definitely don't charge you for ketchup. They should put a limit on how much ketchup they give. I ask for ketchup expecting to get like 1-2 packets..they seriously give me atleast TEN!
Answer #2 | 04/12 2008 23:10
no they dont. only cheese YOUR WELCOME
Answer #3 | 04/12 2008 22:25
i used to eat mccy d's alot and i always asked for honey mustard and ketchup they never charged me, i didn't know mccy ds did that,if they do thats lame
Answer #4 | 04/12 2008 23:12
I have never been charged.
Answer #5 | 05/12 2008 04:23
They charge us for take out if you go thru the drive thru you are charged for fla.
Answer #6 | 07/12 2008 18:27
YUP!. I was there just the other day and asked for another ketchup and they charged me 20 euro cents.
Answer #7 | 07/12 2008 10:22
They used to charge at the German McDonalds I ate at if you asked for extra dipping sauce for your Chicken Nuggets. I don't remember them ever charging for Ketchup, but they won't give you a handful like here in the US either.
Answer #8 | 05/12 2008 18:54
I don't think so. But I haven't been there in four years ever since we had to wait 20 minutes for two cheeseburgers and when we complained the clerk was a B and then her supervisor came out and was an even bigger B.

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