Is it tracing if you used a picture as a reference?

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  • Is it tracing if you used a picture as a reference?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 23:44
I use other pictures a lot to learn different things. But I wouldn't put a lot if value in something I did by looking directly off something else. Sometimes you can use pictures to capture poses or perspective Nd change up everything else. However even if it is the exact same image it isnt tracing. Anyone can trace. But can you draw what she did just by looking?
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 14:36
Smells Like New Screen Names- I have NEVER seen or met an artist that hasn't used at least one reference for their work and that made them less of an artist. Professional artists of the past, like Leonardo Davinci to professionals of today have all used references for their work. That DOESN'T make them less of an artist because they had to use a source. If you think using a reference makes you less of an artist because someone needed to look at something to make sure they get something right in their piece, then you need to get off your high horse and pull your head out of your rear. References make your work BETTER not WORSE. While it does take creative minds to come up with a piece, it doesn't take a creative mind to know how a body pose is supposed to look or how fur moves over muscles or how a rubber ball sits. It takes an observant eye, not imagination. Using a reference isn't the same as tracing. Tracing is when you copy the image entirely using a light box or tracing paper or layers if it's digital. Using a reference and drawing what you see is completely different. I'd LOVE to see those accusing your friend of tracing draw an animal running without a reference. I bet they can't, because I doubt the know the muscle and bone structure of their chosen animal. If you don't know the structure, you can't get the animal to look right, no matter how many times you re-draw the image. So no, your friend didn't trace. She simply drew with a reference. Those accusing her should really read a dictionary once in a while to know what tracing really is.
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