Is it that weird that I want to be a librarian when I'm all grown up?

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  • Is it that weird that I want to be a librarian when I'm all grown up?


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Answer #3 | 31/03 2017 23:30
Totally as there probably will not be any books by then.
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Answer #6 | 31/03 2017 23:13
Well..... there's whole majors at the University in Library. Seems like a fair number of people enjoy that work. It sure changing fast with computers. I remember getting a job years ago fixing ALL the little drawers in the card catalog. I was there for days - and I imagine that computer came along and wiped that whole idea out in one stroke.
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Answer #7 | 01/04 2017 08:30
It's weird that you asked this under "birds".
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Answer #8 | 01/04 2017 17:13
Not at all, although as one previous reply pointed out, your category choice is a bit weird. Librarianship is still alive and well, flourishing with the wealth of resources now available via the web. I found it to be fascinating and enjoyable work. Check it out some by paging or interning or whatever you can find to get an inside feel for it. It's not just books and definitely not sitting around reading them.
Anonymous644415 | 03/12 2020 06:04
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