Is it stupid to give my credit card # over the phone?

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  • Is it stupid to give my credit card # over the phone?


Answer #1 | 07/11 2013 16:26
If it is legit, then yes
Answer #2 | 07/11 2013 16:55
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Answer #4 | 07/11 2013 16:46
Ya, those chinese food people are honest.
Answer #5 | 07/11 2013 16:45
You should guard your CC# and not share it. I would not give it to them. How do I know the person that answered the phone is trust worthly? I visit a Chinese Rest. in person, we sit down and have our meal, then the waiter brings the check, and wants our cards. He plans to turn his back and walk away with my card... NO THANK YOU! I don't let my cards leave my side. I want to see that no one is copying my info, Once you lost your ID you get smart. Today it's easy to lose your $, your id, so don't let your card out of your sight, or give your info over the phone.
Answer #6 | 07/11 2013 16:28
Answer #7 | 07/11 2013 16:34
hey you called them they didn't call you.
Answer #8 | 07/11 2013 17:53
Credit Cards are ok to use. I would not use a Debit Card . If it is a proper business there is no problem. Plus, your always protected with a C. Card unlike a D. Card.
Answer #9 | 07/11 2013 18:01
Not smart
Answer #10 | 08/11 2013 20:03
lily | 08/12 2014 17:35
plz trust me im only 9 years old and i now that that is not the right thing to do
Answer #12 | 08/11 2013 13:26
Answer #13 | 08/11 2013 09:23
Answer #14 | 07/11 2013 19:16
Answer #15 | 07/11 2013 21:11
Yes, i order chinese food that way all the time
Answer #16 | 08/11 2013 02:57
If you want to order things over the phone, the safest way is to get a prepaid credit card. Put enough to cover your purchase on the card plus just enough to cover any fees. This way, if someone were to get the card number and try to buy something, the card would be denied. Do not give the card number out to anybody other than the one purchase that you plan on making. This is the safest way, do I follow it? No. I just use a credit card and check my card purchases on all my cards once a week.

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