Is it safe to modify a 2.0T Gen coupe?

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  • Is it safe to modify a 2.0T Gen coupe?


Answer #1 | 12/12 2013 21:00
The two liter turbo engine has been pretty impressive as far as economy and performance. the turbo unit runs at about 6-7 pounds of boost all the time and runs up to about 14 pounds at wide open throttle. This design eliminates all turbo lag !! Most turbos wait until the waste gate opens to provide extra power from the engine, and this was a terrible turbo lag time. Everybody hated it but that was what we had at the time. You have a very high mileage engine and drivetrain that probably won't be kind to extreme forces such as drifting. If you really want to do it right, rebuild the engine, go through the trans and rear end to make sure everything is strong and ready for some major abuse. The components are very well built and made to last. Hope this helps !

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