Is it rude to invite yourself out with a bunch of couples that have plans to go out?

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  • Is it rude to invite yourself out with a bunch of couples that have plans to go out?


Answer #1 | 26/09 2013 09:16
Nah. You only asked. It's not like you just showed up out of nowhere and was like, "Hey guys! Fancy running into YOU!". SO yeah, I think you're fine. You did nothing wrong.
Answer #2 | 26/09 2013 09:44
no, if they are your friends they wont mind.... but then again if they wanted you all to come along they would've asked...depends of what type of friends you have to
Answer #3 | 26/09 2013 09:50
yes, it is quite rude.
Answer #4 | 26/09 2013 09:41
Shhhhhhh.. Be very very very quiet, I'm hunting wabbits........
Answer #5 | 26/09 2013 09:27
As long as you were polite about it, I don't see why not.
Answer #6 | 26/09 2013 09:24
Answer #7 | 26/09 2013 09:26
I think so. Inviting yourself to join someone elses plans is rude. You should leave it up to the people planning the evening to invite you to join them. But if these are really close friends then I don't believe that they would think it was too rude. It all depends on how close you are to these friends and how you approach the subject.
Answer #8 | 26/09 2013 10:28
nah go for it
Answer #9 | 26/09 2013 10:56
Answer #10 | 26/09 2013 14:44
ya.....they would have asked you to come if they wanted you there
Answer #11 | 27/09 2013 18:15
Answer #12 | 26/09 2013 14:12
Well no, BUT it depends on how you say it. If you just sit with them and ask who is paying than its rude haha! But it you say; mind if I join you than, you are good to go :D
Answer #13 | 26/09 2013 12:29
If a couple of your FRIENDS were discussing going out in front of you, they were rude not to ask you. What did they say when you asked? Next time ask one person, your best friend out of that group what he or she thinks. If they hesitate, just say that you were just wondering, you had other plans for that night anyway :-)
Answer #14 | 26/09 2013 11:11
I think it was rude of your friends discussing couples going out and not inviting you. I certainly would not have asked. But, it is not rude to ask. They could have said, no. Among friends you might they they would give you a reason if it was a no. You decide, are these friends who just overlooked you because they weren't thinking straight or maybe felt like four couples going out is a bit much?
Answer #15 | 26/09 2013 11:21
yes. the 5th man in couples looks desperate
Answer #16 | 26/09 2013 11:51
I think it's rude to invite yourself somewhere unless they are close friends or family.

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