Is it rude to ask why someone is quiet?

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  • Is it rude to ask why someone is quiet?


Answer #1 | 05/03 2014 14:46
I have always had people ask me this. It is usually the same person multiple times, and to be honest I do find it hurtful and rude. I have been told that people that aren't reserved and quiet do not usually understand why a quiet person is quiet. If you are going to ask someone this, please do keep in mind that it is not the best question to ask. It is rather annoying, because how would you feel if someone came up to you and asked you why your hair is the color it is? That is just like asking someone why they are quiet. Quiet people feel like they are born being quiet most of the time, and it is a personality trait that you are born with. There is no way to answer this question comfortably for the quiet person, and it honestly it will probably cause them to dislike you much more than necessary. I suggest not to ask this question, through experience because it always left me wondering what went wrong with me, and why I was quiet. It made me feel like I had something wrong with me because people asked and pointed it out constantly. So yes, it is rude. Just accept it and move on.
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Answer #2 | 05/03 2014 14:39
If you know them like a friend and they're quiet I think it's okay. But I mean to someone you don't know, it's just like asking someone 'why are you outgoing'
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Answer #3 | 05/03 2014 14:39
i'd ask why you are asking?
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Answer #4 | 05/03 2014 14:38
No. But if someone asks me that I'll feel awkward.
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Answer #5 | 05/03 2014 14:50
I think its rude and a bit obnoxious if your just asking why they're quiet. Its none of your business why they're quiet unless you personally know who you are asking and genuinely trying to figure out if something is bothering them.
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Anonymous898820 | 21/10 2017 19:13
Socially, yes. In the work place, possibly but if you say "I am trying to concentrate as much as possible to properly finish this task and move on to the others. So if I seem too quiet to you. That's why." This usually has worked for jobs that did not require a lot of talking. Hope it helps someone out there.
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