Is it normal to sleep during the day?

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  • Is it normal to sleep during the day?


Answer #1 | 29/03 2011 23:05
Answer #2 | 29/03 2011 23:11
well, sleeping is very important...does not matter where and when...when you feel you need rest, you can take a nap at any time...doesn't matter, it very normal to sleep in daytime.
Answer #3 | 29/03 2011 23:09
Generally, no. We have a thing called a Circadian rhythm, which regulates our wake sleep cycles, and the various hormones, etc. needed at different times of day. There are two lulls; a smaller one in mid afternoon (the Siesta time), and a much larger one about 12 hours later. Light is a clue for this, and some people cannot sleep during the day. However, I went to bed at 10 am, and woke at 6pm, sleeping in a very bright room, with lots of windows, on a sunny day, so, it can be done! Shift-workers are of course required to do it, but, the studies I've seen suggest that a career of shift working can actually reduce you lifespan by something like 10 years. So, an afternoon nap is built in to us, but, actually sleeping is not.
Answer #4 | 29/03 2011 23:07
Yeah if you work night shift!
Answer #5 | 29/03 2011 23:06
for naps, or if you don't get sleep during the night (Work at one of those 24 hour places) but if you sleep during the night AND the day, you should consult a doctor, but normally no. Naps are nice. I couldn't live without them! (I Sleep through orchestra) 15 hours of sleep at the maximum! 6 hours of sleep at the minimum!
Answer #6 | 29/03 2011 23:07
yes it is, especially if you work during the night. But if you get a good night sleep and are still tired during the day and have fatigue, you should go see a doctor just in case.
Answer #7 | 29/03 2011 23:26
10 Benefits of Power Napping 1. Less stress. 2. Increased alertness and productivity. 3. Improved memory and learning. 4. Good for the heart. 5. Increased cognitive functioning. 6. Get motivated to exercise. 7. Boost your creativity. 8. Make up for midnight tossing and turning. 9. Protect yourself from sleepiness. 10. Better health.
Answer #8 | 29/03 2011 23:30
Answer #9 | 30/03 2011 00:01
It's normal.As a baby,he/she need enough sleep.As adult,you need sleep,too.when you feel tired,you will want to sleep,even during the day.If you often sleep during the day,maybe it's your habit though no good.But you can cry to give it up.By the way,if you feel not well yourself, you have to find a doctor.
Answer #10 | 30/03 2011 10:37
Yes, power naps increase productivity and improve health. They are not a replacement for a good night sleep.
Answer #11 | 30/03 2011 09:07
I would say that if you work during the night, it would be only natural to sleep during the day.
Answer #12 | 30/03 2011 00:23
Yes. Rest is always good for you.
Answer #13 | 30/03 2011 03:11
Total sleep in 24 hours should be 8 hours.

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