Is it mean to evict tenants on a month to month agreement so i can rent it to other tenants that can afford to pay higher rent?

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  • Is it mean to evict tenants on a month to month agreement so i can rent it to other tenants that can afford to pay higher rent?


Answer #1 | 30/04 2017 23:02
You have no obligation to your month-to-month tenants other than what state law requires. If you want to rent to someone else at a higher rental rate, it seems only fair to give the present tenant both plenty of notice (more than the law requires) and the chance to stay if s/he pays the new rental rate. "Mean" doesn't enter into it. You're running a business. So long as you are ethical and honest, it's okay to seek greater profits.
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Answer #2 | 01/05 2017 17:26
your rental business is yours, if you have tenants who are routinely short or late give them 30 day notice and be done with it maybe you will get a new renter who can pay more and more timely but then maybe you won't either, at least not for some months
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Answer #3 | 01/05 2017 01:22
It's never mean to evict. Eviction is your legal means of removing a tenant that won't vacate when notified that they must. And you won't be evicting them until they don't leave by the last day of their last month. If you give them proper advance notice that they have to vacate, that is NOT an eviction. As for ending someone's tenancy because you can replace them at a higher rent - that's business. Being mean is one person's opinion and is meaningless.
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Answer #4 | 30/04 2017 23:07
It is business, sometimes not wise. Some landlords prefer to keep old tenants to avoid turnover which is expensive so keep rent low. Some raise the rent annually so the tenant isn't shocked with huge increases. Giving the tenant notice isn't evicting it is just telling them they rental agreement has ended, you don't need a reason same as they could move with notice without explaining why.
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Answer #5 | 30/04 2017 23:01
Um yeah
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Answer #8 | 01/05 2017 00:40
This would not be an eviction. Eviction requires a court order. A court won't support you on this. HOWEVER, since it is a month-to-month rental agreement, you can notify the tenants, in writing, that the agreement will be terminated in 30/60/90 days (depends upon state law). Mean - I don't think so. Inconsiderate - yes. Greedy - definitely.
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Answer #9 | 01/05 2017 00:29
NO, it you do not have a lease, your landlord can not renew your lease at any time.

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