Is it bad to ditch my gf on new years?

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  • Is it bad to ditch my gf on new years?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 00:36
It would b very cruel, do it now or wait a few weeks what differance does it make
Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 00:39
If you can't bring her around your friends without her cheating on you with one of them, that should be grounds for breaking up with her regardless of whether it is New Years Day or not.
Answer #3 | 29/12 2013 00:40
This is a tough situation. If I were you, I would spend new years with my friend. It is "your thing" and friendships last forever (relationships come and go) and I think that your friends would be hurt if you didn't spend it with them. Maybe spend some time with your gf earlier in the day and the countdown with yourfriends. however, if you friends are true... explain to them that you know that you are in a tough position and that you still want to spend time with them on new years, but you also need to be there for your gf. Spend time with them earlier and her later. I would talk to your friends and see how they feel about it. Your gf will understand either way. Make up a proposition like... we can go spend the whole next day together or something. Both people care about you and want the best for you(: It will all work out
Answer #4 | 29/12 2013 00:41
When you ditch you dont mean break-up? You just mean go out with hour mates instead? My question is if you would choose your friends over her and she would do the same... You say you cant bring her around your mates as she might cheat on you with one of them... Why are you still with her??? And the again why are you still friends with a guy who would make a move on your GF wow you're being disrespected on all sides!

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