is it bad for a 12 week staffordshire to have house food and y?

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  • is it bad for a 12 week staffordshire to have house food and y?


Answer #1 | 14/11 2010 10:23
I feed my shih tzu's only chicken and very small pieces as a treat when I have chicken for dinner. The reason you don't want to get into a habit of feeding your dog table food is because you cannot ensure that the dog will get all the vitamins etc a dog should have in there diet especially a puppy. A puppy is still growing so you really should stay away from the table food while they are in there first year because you want them to have all the necessary protein etc so they develop healthy. Also a big thing is if you feed them table food it is very hard sometimes to get them to actually eat their dog food. Puppies eat food with high protein and fat. YOu can check the bag for the percentages Most puppy food have the required percentages anyway. I also would not buy dog food that the first ingredient is bi-product of chicken or cornmeal etc. Lood for food with the first ingredient actually stating it is a meat like chicken and rice salmon and potatoe etc. Hope this helps.

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