Is it a sin to eat stolen Jello?

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  • Is it a sin to eat stolen Jello?


Answer #1 | 28/09 2006 19:44
only if you don't know it's stolen
Answer #2 | 28/09 2006 19:54
There's ALWAYS room for Jello even in the deepest recesses of He!!......... The fact its a Cardinal Sin is secondary... enjoy that gelatinous treat from the gods...
Answer #3 | 28/09 2006 19:51
If you know it is Stolen yeah it's a sin. It's one of the Ten Commandments.
Answer #4 | 28/09 2006 19:45
Did you steal it, did you eat it knowing it was stolen, then yes. anything stolen and/or used by you when you knew it was stolen is a sin, in the 10 commandments, thou shalt not steal!
Answer #5 | 28/09 2006 20:00
It depends on what you believe in. If you think of it as stolen and you feel guilt then you will feel you have sinned.
Answer #6 | 28/09 2006 20:34
Hi Little Queenie, you look very pretty tonight. It's not a sin for You to do anything. Too bad you don't!
Answer #7 | 30/09 2006 00:43's not like you can give it back.
Answer #8 | 29/09 2006 17:22
Answer #9 | 29/09 2006 15:34
Just replace it for another Jello, I don't know what makes someone stole Jello and be guilty of it..there is much more sin that happens everyday... anyway..hope stomach won't be upset.... ask for forgiveness ..don't wait for another temptation for this Jello.... god bless !
Answer #10 | 28/09 2006 21:57
Yes. Especially if you stole it from a child. Do you believe in karma? Then you will probably get gut rot from it!

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