is is true that u can sell ur soul and become famous?

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  • is is true that u can sell ur soul and become famous?


Answer #1 | 30/09 2013 10:26
Answer #2 | 30/09 2013 10:36
Answer #3 | 30/09 2013 10:35
I have sold mine several times.. today! Devil, dude with horns offering Mercedes for your soul... don't think so. Good and bad.. yes it exist (in my opinion) illumniati - stranger things have happened.. = )
Answer #4 | 30/09 2013 10:27
Yes you can. I will give you a nice shiny dime for yours. Yes I do. No. It is just a theory.
Answer #5 | 30/09 2013 10:45
nop, you need talent for that
Answer #6 | 30/09 2013 11:15
No. The IRS has the last laugh
Answer #7 | 02/10 2013 23:04
Yes--the devil does exist, but God rules over the devil so there is no need to fear. Yes--the Illuminati *did* exist. There is proof of that, but no proof that they still do.
Answer #8 | 01/10 2013 06:55
Khloe Kardashian did it.
Answer #9 | 30/09 2013 23:38
something like the Illuminati does exist as it has to Corruption is a control method used around the globe to ensure loyalty It is said when you do something like take a bribe or abuse power such as in politics it is said you have sold your soul to the devil It is not a done in the biblical sense -and taking bribes and being corrupt may lead to fame and success in a corrupt system
Answer #10 | 30/09 2013 14:28
no u should never sell ur soul for no matter what price and yes i do believe there is evil out there as well as goodness

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