Is importing entirely bad for the importing country?

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  • Is importing entirely bad for the importing country?


Answer #1 | 02/05 2011 09:15
Not at all. If another country can specialize in making an item cheaper than it can be made domestically, it makes sense to import. The problems arise when you are importing far more than you are exporting (which means that money is flowing out instead of flowing in or being evenly balanced) or when one country (looking at you China) keeps their currency artificially undervalued so that all of their goods will be cheaper on the world market.
Positive: 100 %
Answer #2 | 05/05 2011 20:43
There are few things in the world which are either all black or white, or entirely bad vs. completely good. When an importer imports a commodity or goods, it is either because: 1) it is otherwise not available in the importing country, or 2) it is much cheaper in price than a similar item domestically produced and therefore is a financial advantage to the consumer or buyer/user. One of the the problems with importing is that it does not help in creating any jobs at home. That work is performed in a foreign country and therefore it can lead to increased unemployment. Another bad thing is that it can lead to a trade imbalance, as for instance with China, where they export far more goods than they import from the same country, like the USA.

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