Is eating about 1,200 calories and burning 1,000 healthy?

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  • Is eating about 1,200 calories and burning 1,000 healthy?


Answer #1 | 26/12 2013 13:45
Actually, if you're burning 1000 a day, you may be undergoing calorie deficit which means you're burning more than you're eating. If you eat 1500 a day and burn 1000, that means your daily intake is 500. At your weight and height i'm going to say you should be eating around 1700 calories a day. Seven days a week, you should be eating 11,900 a week, but because you're only eating 500, thats 3500, 8400 less than you should. This means you'll be losing apprx 2.5 pounds a week. Now, if you're only eating 1000 calories, you're burning everything so you'll lose 3.5 pounds a week. Realize, though, that if you're starving yourself to do this, your body will actually try to save the fat and you won't lose any weight at all. Plus, you don't want to just lose the fat, you want to build the muscle. Your skin can become stretchy and leave gross stretch marks! Eat lots of protein and fiber and workout, you should be fine! Try not to go into calorie deficit though.. hope i helped!

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