Is continental resorts unlimited a legitimate business?

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  • Is continental resorts unlimited a legitimate business?


anonymous | 21/04 2014 17:52
I had my timeshare on the market with them for over 2 years, i thought all hope was lost and i may have got scammed, however last year they did sell my Timeshare at Westgate and i closed in December. Hope this is usefull information!
anonymous | 24/04 2014 22:01
Honestly they came through for me, but I almost pulled out because my representative was rude. His attitude was my only problem.
Sara Wilks | 24/04 2014 22:10
The only problem I had was that they were rude but they did sell my timeshare
Cynthia | 14/04 2014 18:55
I am wondering the same thing. They are contacting my elderly mother, supposedly with a purchase contract, but needing fees upfront ($1950). I would like if Mark Woodson (responder above) would respond to if he had to pay these fees, and if he ultimately got a check for the net value of his Timeshare. Thanks
Brad Larsen | 15/04 2014 17:40
Continental Resorts found a buyer for my timeshare, however the sale fell through. They did return my closing costs to me though and said they will continue working on it
Mark Woodson | 15/04 2014 17:44
Cynthia, Yes I had to pay closing costs and i recieved a deposit in my bank account matching the sales price, i did have an option of a check but chose direct deposit, it took about 3 weeks longer than i thought it was suppose to though
Mike | 29/04 2014 19:28
As far as I can tell, however I have only had my timeshare for 3 months, I BOUGHT IT THROUGH THEM AT A SUBSTANTIAL DISCOUNT
Robert | 03/07 2014 18:04
I did sell my Timeshare with CRU but the closing took alot longer than i was told, however as far as Timeshare companies go this was the fifth one i tried to sell with and the first one that sold it
Andrea Reilly | 25/04 2014 18:15
This is probably the first time I can give credit to a timeshare company. I've lost so much money throughout the years on hopes on selling my timeshare. I got a call a few months ago with one of the companies I listed with. Finally they found a buyer for me. It may have taken a few years, but no I am clear of my timeshare. This is all thanks to Continental Resorts.
Mark Woodson | 14/04 2014 17:41
I sold my Timeshare at Blue Tree Resort in Orlando with them, however it did take well over a year.
Seth Galbert | 17/05 2014 00:38
I had nothing but negative attitude toward there company, I felt like they were doing nothing to sell my timeshare, they seemed to make multiple excuses on why it was taking so long, Maybe it was un waranteed as they did sell it, I would never recomend buying a Timeshare however as I Iost 25% of my inital investment, I cant blame continental though i think the resort(Wyndham) over charged me
DON MC DERMOTT | 08/12 2014 11:30
Well we are pursuing the sale of our timeshare formally called Celebration World Resort, and has been taken over by Festiva..Great location 10 mins. from Disney in Orlando.I have been taken in the past while trying to sell my timeshare but so far the two gentleman that I have been dealing with have seemed to have handled things differently than previous salesman.When I receive Offer Of Purchase and other Legal Paper work the out come will begin to unfold,only time will tell but am hoping all will be good.
Anonymous29121 | 01/05 2015 10:03
Nope. Scam artists. No longer respond to e-mail or v-mail, and last I called phone just rang and rang. Claimed they had it sold, collected the closing cost up front, and poof, gone. Probably too late to help anyone, but oh well.
Anonymous44582 | 06/06 2015 19:14
I was stupid last year and gave this business money to sell my timeshare. It has been 9 months. I have heard nothing! My emails and phone calls have gone apparently to a deep dark hole. No one will respond to me. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY MONEY!
Anonymous73541 | 02/12 2014 22:16
Alex Unbra PA | 17/11 2014 17:21
Continental Resorts sold my Timeshare, Every agency or person told me not to pay for closing before I got my money. As it turns out this was bad advise because it is actually not legal to do in that manner. I was desperate to sell due to a death in my family so I went through with it. I sold my Wyndham Points for .23 per point. I got a check last week for 96,000. Thank you CRU for helping me in a bad Time and making me think there can be real people in the Timeshare industry, if I ever buy back into timeshare I will use CRU
anonymous | 16/07 2014 18:21
I have had my timeahare for sale with them for well over a year, I just recieved the first offer last week and have a buyer arrainged
Concerned | 03/09 2014 14:42
Is it normal to pay closing costs up front for timeshare sales? Why doesn't it just get deducted from selling price during closing?
Nathan | 14/10 2014 21:33
They sold my Timeshare for me.

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