Is Brett gone................?

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  • Is Brett gone................?


Answer #1 | 11/06 2012 14:58
I haven't seen him since he got suspended.
Answer #2 | 11/06 2012 15:09
He doesn't check his fantasy baseball team and hasn't been on here for ages also if we're making room we should also make room for David since he's been a pretty good owner in the baseball league
Answer #3 | 11/06 2012 15:23
LOL @ referring to him as "the redneck". He's not here a lot, but he comes on occasionally. I don't really want to take his spot unless there is absolutely no way he's going to be active. If there's no spots for me and you don't want to make more, don't worry too much about it, it's not a big deal. I just wanted to ask if you guys had created the league yet to see if there was a spot for me to join, but if not, no worries.
Answer #4 | 11/06 2012 16:12
I'll try emailing him.
Answer #5 | 12/06 2012 06:10
I say send him an email through the fantasy league, let him know you are just checking to see if he still wants in, give him a date you need to know by and if you don't hear back, move on.
Answer #6 | 11/06 2012 19:45
I say Brett out Steel in.

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