Is anyone here from Britain?

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  • Is anyone here from Britain?


Answer #1 | 27/11 2013 13:25
no I am not from britan but I am from somewhere around London out culture is very pure. university of London is kings collage and our flag is red white and blue with a rebel kind of star on it. we are no fond of americans an lot of funny movie stars come from London also p.s britan is not considerd a state..
Answer #2 | 28/11 2013 06:50
Answer #3 | 28/11 2013 07:16
I am British. Most universities have a significant number of Chinese students, especially on career-related courses such as business management, but I've never met any who were badly behaved. Wherever you go you can choose to makes friends with your fellow Chinese students or with the locals, or with both. Loki Kratnas - London is in Britain so if you're from "somewhere around London" then you are from Britain, the quality of your written English in your post suggests that English is not your first language.

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