Is anime uncensored/ uncut when you download it?

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  • Is anime uncensored/ uncut when you download it?


Answer #1 | 30/12 2013 00:26
For typical ecchi TV animes, there's no guarantee either way. Files that were made from the broadcasts during the show's original run are likely to be censored, while files made from discs that came out later will not be censored. If it's important to you to have uncensored (and really, what's the point of ecchi anime otherwise?), then stay away from files made during or very soon after the show's original broadcast, and try to look for files that say 'uncensored', 'DVD', 'blu-ray' or 'dual audio' because those will be made from discs. Unfortunately, you cannot always find files that explicitly say this, so sometimes you have to take a chance and hope for the best.
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Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 03:10
Awkward Question. They Are Always Censored When They Come Out New. 8 Months Later They Become Uncensored. They Are Censored For A Reason Because It AIRS On TV Before It Hits The Internet So Of Course You Can't Show That Type Of Stuff On TV. Thats Why The Make DVD's So That It Could Be Purchased And Watched Uncensored. When Anime Go Uncensored. They Take Months Until They Go Online.
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