Is a school bus more like a truck or a van?

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  • Is a school bus more like a truck or a van?


Answer #1 | 03/03 2017 21:10
Well, in terms of use purpose it is more like a van due to the fact it's used to carry people. However in terms of it's physical characteristics it's more like a truck. School buses are built on heavy industrial frames, similar to how a truck would be. There are some smaller school buses that might be physically closer to a van, but for a most part they are built more like a heavy duty truck.
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Answer #2 | 03/03 2017 21:53
A typical school bus is like driving a 45 foot long van. If by 'truck' you mean a semi tractor-trailer? A school bus does not articulate or pivot between two sections (or more for doubles or triples) like a tractor trailer does. While you do sit up higher and have larger mirrors, the driving experience is somewhat different between the two. Especially backing up.
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Answer #3 | 03/03 2017 21:03
There are smaller school buses which are essentially vans with rows of seats and there are full size school buses based on truck chassis.
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Answer #4 | 03/03 2017 21:35
School buses are built on truck chassis, that is why the back bounces do hard.
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Answer #5 | 03/03 2017 21:33
I think it's a rather bus-like vehicle.
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Answer #6 | 03/03 2017 21:00
A van. You can seat a lot of people in it.
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Answer #7 | 03/03 2017 21:01
School buses come in all shapes and sizes.....
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