Is a instax camera, 3Doodler or Kindle worth buying?

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  • Is a instax camera, 3Doodler or Kindle worth buying?


Answer #1 | 07/07 2014 09:00
I wouldn't buy an Instax camera because the upkeep (buying new film) is horrendous. Likewise with the 3Doodler. The Kindle, we have one, provides hours and hours of amusement with no additional cost.
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Answer #2 | 07/07 2014 07:01
Only you can know that. I do not use instant photos, so I would not be interested in buying an Instax camera. I already have a tablet, so I would not need to buy a Kindle. Maybe a 3Doodler would be fun for my grandchildren, but I have other things that occupy my time that are more productive. You need to do the research when it comes to which Instax camera you want to buy. If pressed, I would buy the 210 wide, since it produces a larger image. I have a Samsung Tab 10.1 and it not only can read Kindle books, but others as well, books that are free from my library. Do your research and I am sure you will be able to decide if any or all of those devices are worth buying. After all, it is your money, not mine My guess from those three choices is that you found an extra $100 and want to know how to spend it and get the most entertainment for the buck. Since you have to buy film for the Instax and ABS refills for your 3D pen at $10 a shot, the Kindle or other tablet may be a better choice, since many books can be read for free on a kindle or other tablet
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Answer #3 | 07/07 2014 13:58
The Kindle is well worth having, but with the modern wi-fi version you'll have to seriously stop yourself instantly downloading the next book in a series from Amazon. It will keep you up reading all night!
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anonymous | 20/01 2018 17:55
I think that you should just do research on it and watch YouTube reviews on them. However I do think that the 3Doodler is a waste of money because it is literally like clay or legos. What happens if you mess your design up or something, then you will have to buy more filament and waste more money on it than the actual pen itself.
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