is 5ft 4 really short for a 15 year old girl?

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  • is 5ft 4 really short for a 15 year old girl?


Answer #1 | 10/02 2014 08:59
I'm 5'1 and 20. Some people are short, some people are average, and some people are tall. It's all about genetics, so don't worry about not meeting someone's "standards" for your height and age...everyone's different.
Answer #2 | 10/02 2014 07:49
not at all! i'm 15 and 5'1", and i'm not considered freakishly short in my grade. you're fine :)
Answer #3 | 10/02 2014 08:27
I am 5 ft7 and although i like being taller then my friends i am also taller then some boys in my year and i cannot wear heels. No your a normal size for a 15 year old girl i know some of my friends that are 5 ft.
Answer #4 | 10/02 2014 10:07
Well everybody is different and beautiful in their own way, I'm only a few years younger than you and I'm the exact same height and weigh around 125 -130 pounds and am not that tall! Most of my friends are like 5'6 even like 5'8 and where middle school girls! But that doesn't make us any less beautiful than other s!
Answer #5 | 10/02 2014 07:52
No. You're 5'4", and you're 15, short is like me I'm 5'2" and I'm OLD. You'll stop growing tall until about 21.
Answer #6 | 10/02 2014 07:37
Nope not at all. I would say quite average :)
Answer #7 | 10/02 2014 07:37
No that's my height and my entire group of friends (the girls in my group at least) are all around that height too
Answer #8 | 10/02 2014 07:36
No I want a girl at 5'0 flat.
Answer #9 | 10/02 2014 07:45
Haha, nooo, trust me. I'm your age and I'm 5'4. When I was talking to my doctor, she said it was the perfect height for a 15-year-old because you won't look too tall when you wear heels, and you're not too short. But either way, there is no "normal" height for any age. Some people are shorter, some people are taller. It's the way the world works. :)
Answer #10 | 10/02 2014 07:38
NO! thats basically average height for a girl your age

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