Is 0bama purposefully blocking the economy with regulations?

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  • Is 0bama purposefully blocking the economy with regulations?


Answer #1 | 08/02 2014 13:37
Yes he is . Like pouring mud in a engine and expecting it to go
Answer #2 | 08/02 2014 13:30
Yeah darn those pesky regulations. My barber can't even perform dentistry anymore.
Answer #3 | 08/02 2014 13:35
You mean stuff like clean air and water, and better gas mileage in our vehicles, and stuff like that? Maybe some laws and regulations to keep the banksters from robbing us all again? Unless you have some actual facts or even examples, Id have to say, NO.
Answer #4 | 08/02 2014 13:30
Based on all the examples you gave: No.
Answer #5 | 08/02 2014 13:29
Deregulation is what got us in the mess we are in.
Answer #6 | 08/02 2014 14:02
And these 'regulations' are what exactly?
Answer #7 | 08/02 2014 13:28
WAKE UP!!! The congress has more power over spending and the economy than the President. Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Canter, and John Boehner have failed this country. They were the problem when Bush was President and they are the problem now. FYI Big business have been posting record profits.
Answer #8 | 08/02 2014 13:29
More regulations = more fees = more money for the government = more free food stamps, housing, phones, subsidies for the worthless, lazy, thieves, criminals of the American society.

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