In your opinion, what are the most essential guitar effects pedals?

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  • In your opinion, what are the most essential guitar effects pedals?


Answer #1 | 06/05 2009 15:50
Good Question ! I guess it really depends on the style. Probably like a Wah Pedal
Answer #2 | 06/05 2009 16:27
A very underrated pedal for me, and most guitarists, is the noise suppressor. Outside of that I use a wah and a chorus, but neither a lot.
Answer #3 | 06/05 2009 15:58
For most guitarists, probably a wah-wah pedal and a distortion pedal. For me, it'd definitely be a Vox V847 wah and a nice Keeley-modified Boss BD-2 Blues Driver pedal! Also, if I could afford one, the Keeley Compressor would be in there as well--those things sound great! Of course, so do all the pedals that Robert Keeley modifies, including his modified version of the Blues Driver. Seriously, if any of you other guitarists have never checked Keeley's work out, you've got to hear some of the pedals he modifies! Here's a link to his site:
Answer #4 | 06/05 2009 16:59
Well wah is always a good effect but my favorite is my pitch shifter haha i guess td trolls can detect new forums
Answer #5 | 06/05 2009 17:38
Wah-wah is definatley the essential, you can get distortion and all the others built in on amps, but wah pedals can only be manually controlled through a pedal.
Answer #6 | 08/05 2009 11:50
depned depend on your style
Answer #7 | 07/05 2009 08:44
I play Blues guitar mostly and don't own a pedal. Not needed for the Blues. I just use the gain and reverb already on the amp.
Answer #8 | 06/05 2009 19:09
tuner! you can make your amp overdrive and all that but if your guitar isn't in tune it's not any good at all

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