In view of their history,why do the Scots and English love each other so much?

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  • In view of their history,why do the Scots and English love each other so much?


Answer #1 | 10/09 2006 00:58
They do not love each other at all, whatever gave you that idea?
Answer #2 | 10/09 2006 01:03
my friend, go watch brave heart!
Answer #3 | 10/09 2006 01:02
Answer #4 | 10/09 2006 01:01
they dont. The english are the invaders of Britain, that is why the long standing gruge from the celtic nations againt the english. The english are not true brits, they are anglo saxons. But it is more of fun banter these days against the english. The only thing that annoys me is that the english claim stone henge as their heritage, but it was there long before they even arrived in the country!!
Answer #5 | 10/09 2006 01:00
Interesting category choice for this question. Why indeed. We should all harbour 300 year old grudges. It's a policy that is working so well for the middle east.
Answer #6 | 10/09 2006 01:00
Speaking personally, Most of Europe has at one time tried to invade each other, rip each other off, steal its gold. Most of the countries have some seriously iffy moments. However we have also had a lot of cross migration, inter marriage and joined forces at some points. A lot of the insults that fly between England and Scotland should be taken with a pinch of salt. Its more like brothers and sisters squabbling than anything else.
Answer #7 | 10/09 2006 01:16
we don,t
Answer #8 | 10/09 2006 02:01
I don't think we do - but it's sometimes fun to get together and gang up on others! (I am of Scots descent, living in England. I generally think of my self as English, but when I hear anyone other than myself bashing the Scots, I instinctively leap up with metaphorical Claymore in hand! All Brits together!)
Answer #9 | 13/09 2006 09:53
They don't. But I love Scotland's rugged wilderness & roads for driving. Now, I'm no football fan but whenever England meets the Scots, the Scots normally get a good beating. Could be something in that : /
Answer #10 | 12/09 2006 15:45
Because they are not capable of going out for a nice meal in MaceiĆ³, Brazil
Answer #11 | 10/09 2006 10:55
It is like the Canadians and Americans, sibling rivalry but basically like each other. There are also mutual exchanges of goods, Scotland suplies the booze, England supplies the money. Canada supplies the oil and the US supplies fruits and veggies in winter. Most of all we all like to join up and play war, we are basically all cousins with the Aussies and NZers.
Answer #12 | 10/09 2006 03:06
If they loved each other so much why do they still have seperate legal systems and education systems!!
Answer #13 | 10/09 2006 09:21
Since they can both look across the pond and chuckle about their goofy North American kids...

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