In Phu Quoc, what are some of the cultral ideologies?

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  • In Phu Quoc, what are some of the cultral ideologies?


Answer #1 | 18/05 2011 16:07
In most cases no. The way someone is brought up definitely plays a role in how they choose to act. But just because you were brought up with a religious background does not mean you are destined to follow. I think a lot of people are quick to misjudge others on this basis. Like if you know some parents who are literally terrible and seem like a disgrace, they may actually have decent children. Certain peoples personalities also play a role in how they act, and a lot of personality traits are genetic. So sometimes parents who try numerous things to help their children be less aggressive or more playful, often doesn't work. So it really is no fault of the parents but rather the child can't do it or simply finds it hard to achieve. Environment also plays a big role in how a child turns out, whether or not you consider that the parents decision. Two siblings brought up by the same parents but in different environments, will be totally different just because of their make up and environment. Parents aren't the only component that brings up a child. There are many factors.
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Answer #2 | 18/05 2011 13:10
No it doesn't show that at all .. It's like "yekhla2 mn dahr el 3alem fased " ..
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Answer #3 | 18/05 2011 13:24
The first thing that comes to your mind when you see someone is how he got brought up. And I know someone the opposite of what EP said. I know someone his father is well.. very daye3 and drinks alcohol and women, etc.. and he is ... Salafi :D
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Answer #4 | 18/05 2011 16:08
I think they're different. He can get influenced by the way his parents are, but definitely not turn like them. M3zm el w2t hykon 3ndo wghet nzr m5tlfa w nzra ldonya m5tlfa.
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Answer #5 | 18/05 2011 16:16
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO ... El parents mesh shart wladhom ykono zayohom , ana a3raf 3yal a5la2ha bayza w fasdana w ahlohom religious and decent . w a3raf 3yal mo7tarama gedan w ahlohom estaghfer allah el 3azeem .. Hya el a5la2 wl sha5sya byego mn el person mesh his parents .
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Answer #6 | 18/05 2011 13:11
3ala ra2y el masal "e2lab el edra 3ala fomaha tetla3 el bent lomaha" In most cases this is the general idea.
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